How will load shedding impact my trip to Cape Town and the Western Cape?

South Africa is currently experiencing periods of load shedding. Load shedding is the active management of energy resources - it is not a blackout!


The load shedding schedule spreads across the country, including Cape Town and the Western Cape for limited periods. 


All our major hotel groups, restaurants, state of the art shopping malls and top attractions have back-up generators. They are, therefore, fully operational during these limited periods, which means you can still have a world-class experience.


If you are visiting Cape Town and the Western Cape during a period of load shedding, which lasts for approximately two hours, remember that one can continue enjoying our unparalleled natural beauty and beaches. Plus our award-winning food and wine, rich culture and heritage and world-famous landmarks are all here, even during load shedding.


Tips to ensure a seamless experience during load shedding:


  • Have back up power banks fully charged in case your cellular phones run out of power;

  • Carry a rechargeable torch for nighttime;

  • Avoid driving around during a load shedding period, as traffic congestion may increase as traffic lights may not be operating in certain areas;

  • Plan ahead. If you are going to a particular place, give them a call to find out if they are operational during a load shedding period.


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